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Covid-19 Emergency Relief – Distribution of Essential Commodities to Poor people

Since 24th March 2020 i.e., from starting of “lockdown period”  many poor and daily wage families are losing their survival by the Covid-19 Crisis. The lockdown in wake of   COVID- 19 has been particularly catastrophic for the poor and those who are living by daily wage labour work. The  main victims of this “lockdown” are daily wage labourers such as construction workers, Shop workers, factory workers, hotel workers, street vendors, agricultural labourers. So we have selected 100 such poor families and decided to help them with essentials commodities like  rice, wheat, cooking oil, vegetables, soaps, handwash liquids, masks etc., as  emergency relief with the donation received from The Strathspey Charitable Trust,SCOTLAND.  Many thanks to the donor for their generous help.

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