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Help the Underprivileged Rural People with Safe Drinking Water

SPREAWS team found that many women who are residing in the remote rural and tribal villages were walking  across open fields and up thorn-covered, rocky slopes to reach the water source situated at 3 to 4 KMs away from their residential localities, which may be a polluted lake or an unprotected open well meant for agricultural use.  This daily task keeps the girls out of school and robs their mothers and aunts of hours of gainful employment, chronic poverty and disease inevitably follow.  With the generous grant-in-aid received from The Prem Rawat Foundation (TPRF), United States of America,  SPREAWS constructed 15 Borewells in 15 villages thus we have helped 7875 people from 15 villages to access to safe drinking water. Our project helped the villagers lift themselves out of a persistent cycle of poverty.



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