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Audit Report 2009-10

“It is a matter of gladness that as our organization SPREAWS is stepping forward into the 17th year, our service satisfaction is ever enhancing proudly yet we have realized that our responsibilities are increasing, still we have a long way to go a head fulfilling more and more needs of the people, alleviating the grievances of the needy and underserved people in rural and slum areas.                   

So far, we have achieved fruitful outcome through the fertile effort in mutual cooperation of the generous donors, experienced staff, selfless volunteers and people.  We are carrying on with direct involvement with the people, gross root level field mingling with the common people, encouraging the beneficiary people to have their voice in decision making, to gain their fullest access with the project evaluation in different aspects of the activities. Ours are people oriented and beneficiary concentrated transparent activities lucidly. Our organization is going ahead with strengthened confidence, enriched experience and moral support of the people.  

2009-10 become a role model year for our organization because considerably more number of donors – integrally International Donors found trust in our organization and they started to support our organizational activities. I request you to have a glimpse at the Audit statements of SPREAWS.  

SPREAWS is not limited to a single or two or three kinds of activities. We are executing several various kinds of wider range of activities to date as educational such as child education, adult education, child labour rehabilitation, children’s rights protection, women empowerment, women’s rights protection, vocational trainings, Dalits, downtrodden empowerment, income generation activities such as tailoring, knitting, dress making, handlooms weaving, handicrafts, dairy, self help groups, thrift and credit schemes, agricultural development, vermin compost units, environment development, drinking water bore-wells installation, health care, HIV/AIDS Awareness etc, the list goes ahead more.  

On behalf of our organization SPREAWS, I, the President here-with express my whole hearted gratitude to all the donors, supporters, participants, associates, well wishes, advisors and those all who prayed and praying for us. They have all joined their kind hands with our organization for a good cause, our association goes ahead ever in never-ending ways for alleviating the sufferings of the people, solving the problems to our possible content extent, for progressive lives of the needy people towards symbiosis.

Each and every little penny of contributions from the generous donors, participation, human resources contributions, work participations and good wills are highly valued by us”.

Thanking You All.

 Yours truly,

Sajid Hussain. Chappali Shaik

President, Sri K.Pitchi Reddy Educational and Welfare Society

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